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Low Cost High Earnings Qt40-2 Small Cement Brick Making Machine – Buy Low Cost Brick Making Machine


Low Cost High Earnings Qt40-2 Small Cement Brick Making Machine - Buy Low Cost Brick Making Machine
QT40-2 DescriptionQT40-2 Manual Brick Making Machine

As a multi-purpose machine, can produce normal bricks, hollow bricks, multi-holes’ bricks by exchanging mold.The machine is on the basis of original concrete block machine, with technological innovation and development. It has rational design, excellent performance, and equipped with powerful vibration motor.The block is of good quality, large density and high strength. The machine used on the push mode, and automatic scraper, convenient and flexible operation, and its performance can be comparable with the large-scale equipment.

Main Features

1) low cost and high reliability2) Durable and cost-effective,electric cabinet control .3) Solid and Strong Machine Body

4) Perfect after-sale service,spare part and tools free for customer

5) Produce stronger and quality bricks

Main Technical Parameters
Dimension 1350x1460x1800mm Host machine power 8.8 KW
Vibration force 30KN Weight of the machine about 1.8T
Size of pallet 850x450x25/30mm Mixer Model JQ350

Theoretical production capacity

Size (LxWxH) Pcs/Mould Pcs/Hour Pcs/8 Hours
400x150x200mm 5 375 3000
400x200x200mm 4 325 2600

Block SampleDetailed ImageName: Control BoxBrand: DonyueOriginal: China

Use control box to ensure the machine operation safety.famous brand electric parts and botton .emergency stop

Name: Block MouldBrand: DonyueOriginal: China

Adopts linear cutting technology and fire cutting machine to make sure accuracy size ,Mould is changeable ,machine can produce different bricks to meet with client’s requirements.high temperature heat treated and carburization ,longer service life.

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