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Hydraulic press diesel power QT4-30 concrete block making machine


Hydraulic press diesel power QT4-30 concrete block making machine

QT4-30 diesel no electricity block machine withhydraulic system


1. Diesel engine , no use electricity, very suitable for electricity shortage area.

2. Hydraulic system, up to 15MPA pressure can produce high density block and pavers.

3. Electric start engine, easy to sart.

4. Adopt Changchai diesel engine which is the best quality diesel engine manufactuer in China, has more than 80 years manufacturer experince.

1 Dimension of host machine 1440x1330x1720 (LxWxH) 5 total machine power 13.34 kW(18.0 HP) 2200 r/min
2 Dimension of diesel engine hydraulic station 1400x900x1320mm (LxWxH) 6 Rated pressure 15Mpa
3 Pallet size 850x450x25mm 7 Oil consumption 2L/H
5 cycle per mould 30S 9 Diesel engine specification Changchai ZS1105
4 Diesel engine starting mode Electric start 8 Block type block, paver, curbstone and so on


No Size(LxWxH) Pcs/Mould Pcs/Hour Pcs/Shift
1 400x200x200mm 4 480 3840
2 400x100x200mm 7 840 6720
3 400x150x200mm 5 600 4800
4 400x250x200mm 3 360 2880

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Machine parts

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