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MK hyarulic pressure automatic interlocking curb molding machine in nigeria


MK hyarulic pressure automatic interlocking curb molding machine in nigeria

Small investment big profit concrete cement brick making machine for making bricks

1. Main parts of Hydraulic brick making machine line

2. Main technical parameter
1 Dimension of host machine 4000x1800x2800 6 Host machine power 29.85kw
2 Weight of host machine 5.5T 7 Vibration force 40-50KN
3 Molding area 1006×600 8 Mixer model JS500
4 Water consumption 5-6Ton/day 9 Pallet size 1010x550x25mm
5 workshop area 250-300m2 10 Voltage 380/415/440

3. Theoretical production capacity
No Size(LxWxH) Pcs/Mould Pcs/Hour Pcs/Shift
1 400x200x200mm 10 1800-2100 14400-16800
2 400x100x200mm 20 3600-4200 28800-33600
3 400x150x200mm 14 2520-2940 20160-23520
4 400x250x200mm 8 1440-1680 11520-13440
5 230x110x70mm 42 7500-8800 60000-70400
6 200x100x60 35 6300 50400
7 200x163x60 20 3600 28800

4. Main products of Hydraulic brick making machine line

Advantageofhydraulic brick making machine line

1.Advanceddrivebywiretechnologyandhydraulicconveyancesystemcanassureyouaneasy operationandwellperformance.

2.Itwillmakemoreblocksthanothersyoumaygetfromothersources, whichsuittoyouwhoneed moresolidblocks.

3.Thespeedofmakingblockswillbemorehigher. Ithasaneasyoperationwithlittleerror.


5.Asforthequalityofit, I mustsaythatweusethesteelsofhighquality, whichwasproducedbyJI steelmakingcompanyknowntoallthroughoutChina. Thequalityofourmachineisguaranteed.

6.Themoldusethetechnologyofcarburizationheattreatment, whichcangiveyouaguaranteethat there willnotransformationwith4millionblocksabout6-8months.

7. Hydraulic brick making machine line can produce all size of hollow blocks,solid bricks interlocking blocks and paver, just change the relevant moulds.

8.Thematerialscaneasilygetandthesourceofmaterialarewidely enoughtoget.

9.Ourproductis of excellent quality and reasonable price. The hightechnology, high quality, high efficiency will lead to ahigh returnrate, sothiskindofmachinewillbeyourbestchoice.

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We are brick making machine,block making machine manufacturer, Offer different model of brick making machine,Offer factory Wholesale price.Welcome to inquiry and OEM,if you need the brick making machine price and MK hyarulic pressure automatic interlocking curb molding machine in nigeria price list,please cotnact us.

Production, sale, offer OEM & ODM .

Our advantage(Why choose us?):

1.Original brick making machine manufacturer.

2.OEM brick making machine Accepted.

3.In stock brick making machine.

4.Professional after sales service.

5.Different language version.

6.Free upgrade forever.

7.Wholesale price.

8.CE Cetificate.

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