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alibaba kenya hollow brick making machine price


alibaba kenya hollow brick making machine price
QT 4-15s block machiProduct Application

QT4-15block molding machine is one of the MK machinery co., LTD., brick machine equipment, the equipment structure is simple and practical, outlook is novel and attractive, in addition to produce permeable brick, it is particularly suited to the production of standard bricks, replacement of mold can produce many kinds of cement paving brick, hollow brick, curb stone bricks etc.The water-permeableblocks molding machine adopts hydraulic transmission, the operation is smooth and reliable, the hydraulic pressure is combined with the high efficiency vibration forming, the block thickness and the quality is good.

Reasonable raw material ratio can produce high strength standard brick, after forming, can stack immediately.

Main technical parameter
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) 3700x2100x2300MM
Moulding Cycle 15S
Vibration way Table and Mould vibration at the same time
Vibration Force 35.5KN
Machine power 29KW
Machine weight 3.5T
Pallet size 850x550x25MM
block molding machineProduction capacity
Brick Type Brick size PCS/mould PCS /Hour PCS /8 Hours
Hollow block 390x190x190MM 4 576 4608
Solid brick 240x115x53MM 24 4320 34560
Paver brick 200x100x60MM 14 2016 16128
Paver brick 200x163x60MM 8 1152 9216

Main Features

Fully automatic,hydraulic,Mitsubishi PLC controlNew type smaller than QT4-15C automatic block mould machine,but similar capacity with low investMake different kinds of hollow block,paver,slab,interlock,curbstone,etc.

Packing & Deliveryblock photoscontact

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