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Small Fly Ash Brick Machine Qt4-24 Manual Brick Machine Second Hand Paver Block Machine – Buy Small Fly Ash Brick Machine


Small Fly Ash Brick Machine Qt4-24 Manual Brick Machine Second Hand Paver Block Machine - Buy Small Fly Ash Brick Machine
Product Description : ID : 773511089Small fly ash brick machine QT4-24 manual brick machine second hand paver block machine

Theoretical production capacity

Name Size, mm pcs/mould mould period pcs/hour
Hollow block 400*200*200mm 4 20-24 seconds 360-450
Hollow block 400*100*200mm 7 20-24 seconds 630-830
Hollow block 400*150*200mm 5 20-24 seconds 450-600
Hollow block 400*250*200mm 3 20-24 seconds 270-360
Solid block 240*115*53mm 24 20-24 seconds 3600
Paving block 200*100*60mm 14 30 seconds 1680
Paving block 200*163*60 10 30 seconds 1200

Features & Advantages of QT4-24 block making machineSmall fly ash brick machine QT4-24 manual brick machine second hand paver block machinea.Superior vibratory effect: simultaneous vibration.the blocks produced are of good quality, large density and high strengthb.Solid and Strong Machine Body: best steel Q235B,CO2 gas protective welde make the machine unable to break.c.High Quality Mould: All mould use heat treatment.d.Low cost and user-friendly: So easy to operate,reducing labor force.e.Durable and cost-effective: German brand Siemens motor, schneider brand switch, we can provide u with higher quality product with competitive price than othersf. Perfect after-sale service:Our machine is guaranteed for one year and our staff is available 24 hours a day,7 days a week. u can get pre-installation support, project report support.

Raw materialsThese are the most popular proportion1.Standard concrete block: cement 9-12%,sand 40%,stone 45%,water 3%.2.Light concrete block: cement 9-12%, slag 80-90% ,water 3%.3.cement 9-12%,sand 10-20%,stone 30-40%, slag 25-50%, water 3%.4.Cement8-10%,sand30- 40%,stone 50-60%, water 3%.5.cement 8%,sand 60%,fly ash 30%, gypsum 2%.

Detailed ImagesOther Products

1.Can you make our size bricks ?Yes,different bricks mould can be customized according to your size.2.How to sure your brick making machine quality ?Our machine use high-strength steel structure,the total weight much more than others,mould are made by heat treatment and line cutting can use 30 million times.3.How about the brick machine price ?The showing price only for reference,please sent us inquiry email,we will send you the quotation with better price .4.How can I choose a brick machine for me ?(by capacity,price ,quality.)4.1 Small production capacity manual machine QT40-24.2 Small production capacity semi-automatic machine QT40-1, QT40-2 ,QT4-24,QT4-264.3 Smallest automatic production line QT4-15 and QT4A-15(our best selling)4.4 Big automatic production line QT5-15 ,QT6-15 ,QT6A-15 ,QT8-15, QT9-15, QT10-154.5 Egg layer machine /moving brick machine QT40-3A,QTM6-25,QTM10-15

Our CompanyMK group, which consists of seven branches, the factory set up for many years, covers an area of 400000 ㎡, more than 1500 employees, is a collection of product research and development, production, sales as one of the national fixed-point large-scale manufacturing enterprises. Company production of brick machine adopts advanced hydraulic technology, adjustable multi-usage, not only applicable to the production of concrete block, can also be applied to production of fly ash, slag, slag material such as block. Using PLC digital control system, computer operation saves time and energy. The steel used in production is thicker than the other factories, and the price is relatively suitable. Our company’s after sale is very secure. In addition, we also produce the nanomaterials used in housing.Packing & DeliveryOur most professional packagingTransport of large trucks to the seaportAnd international transport cooperationOur ServicePre-sale(1) Professional suggestions (raw material matching, machine selection, planThe condition of building factory, feasibility analysis for brick machine production line)(2) Device model choice (recommend the best machine according to the raw material, capacity and the size of brick)(3) 24 hours on-line service(4) Welcome to visit our factory and production line anytime,if you need, we can Make inventation card for you.(5) Introduce the company file, product categories and production process.Sale:(1) Update the production scheduling in time(2) Quality supervision(3) Product acceptance(4) Shipping on timeAfter-sale:(1) The engineer will guide to carry out the plant at the clients side if needed.(2) Set up, fix,and operate (3) offer training to the operator until they are satisfied at clients side.(4) Skill support the whole using life.(5) Recall clients regularly ,get feedback in time,keep well communication with each otherCertifications

Certificate with Honours Small fly ash brick machine QT4-24 manual brick machine second hand paver block machine1.Donyue Machinery Group is the first one to get the famous trade mark of China2.The company was the first in the industry to get ISO9001:2000 certification and the CE marking

3.We have undertaken research and manufacture of national Torch Scheme, national key new product scheme etc. and got 30 inwention patents, 25 new practical patents, and also awards of natonal energy scientific progress, HK outstanding energy-saving award, HK scientific award etc.

Contact Way

We are brick making machine,block making machine manufacturer, Offer different model of brick making machine,Offer factory Wholesale price.Welcome to inquiry and OEM,if you need the brick making machine price and Small Fly Ash Brick Machine Qt4-24 Manual Brick Machine Second Hand Paver Block Machine – Buy Small Fly Ash Brick Machine price list,please cotnact us.

Production, sale, offer OEM & ODM .

Our advantage(Why choose us?):

1.Original brick making machine manufacturer.

2.OEM brick making machine Accepted.

3.In stock brick making machine.

4.Professional after sales service.

5.Different language version.

6.Free upgrade forever.

7.Wholesale price.

8.CE Cetificate.

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