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latest technology coir pith block making machine kenya products


latest technology coir pith block making machine kenya products
latest technology coir pith block making machine kenya products

1 Qt6-15 hollow Blocks machineTechnical Parameterand capacity

Our Automatic Block Making Machine Features

Till now, our automatic block making machine is available with QT4-15 series, series, QT6-15 series, QT8-15 series, and QT10-15 series. It has been certified by CE, SGS, TUV, and Our Brick machine also has been approved by Bureau Veritas, TUV CERT.


1. Main frameThe automatic block making machine applies the high-strength structural steel and special welding technique for its mainframe. The firmness of the mainframe allows the whole machine to come with good rigidity and vibration resistance.

2. Guide PillarThe guide pillar of this machine applies the ultra strong special steel. By virtue of the chromate plated treatment, it perfectly resists torsion and abrasion. Additionally, the four guide pillars together with the ultra-long guide bearing make the pressure head and mould move accurately. This moving system adopts the special device that is good for lubrication, thus avoiding abrasion.

3. Material SystemThe crane of the material machine is controlled by the hydraulic system. That its hopper is connected to the crane by the rubber spring, can offer favourable damping effect while preventing the vibration compaction of the remained materials. In the system, the hopper is equipped with a door which can help realize the uniform material distribution.

4. Material Distributing SystemIn this system, the material storage and distribution are independent from each other. The material receiving in the material box is accurately controlled. Under the function of the powerful centrifugal force, the material is speedily and evenly distributed.

2 Qt6-15B ProductionLineFlowchart:

3 Qt6-15B hollow brick Production Of Paver Blocks Raw material photos

4 (a)hollows Bricks & Blocks Samples

(b)Paver block Sample

5 Conrete block machine loading for exporting

Guaranty and after-sales service

  • We offer 1 year warranty for Automatic Half Brick Making Machinemachine except artifical damages
  • 24 hours email and phone technical supports
  • CE and ISO 9001/SGS/BV standards in manufacturing the machines

Contact:Jerry Gao

Mobile phone number/viber//

We are brick making machine,block making machine manufacturer, Offer different model of brick making machine,Offer factory Wholesale price.Welcome to inquiry and OEM,if you need the brick making machine price and latest technology coir pith block making machine kenya products price list,please cotnact us.

Production, sale, offer OEM & ODM .

Our advantage(Why choose us?):

1.Original brick making machine manufacturer.

2.OEM brick making machine Accepted.

3.In stock brick making machine.

4.Professional after sales service.

5.Different language version.

6.Free upgrade forever.

7.Wholesale price.

8.CE Cetificate.

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