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qt10-15 automatic block making machine bricks making machine fully automatic


qt10-15 automatic block making machine bricks making machine fully automatic

qt10-15 automatic block making machine bricks making machine fully automatic

Product Description

QT10-15 automatic cement brick machine of a machine, through the replacement of mold can produce different specifications of brick, hollow blocks, curbs, pavers and grass brick, slope protection brick and other cement products. Unit with fabrics can produce color pavers and other products.

QT10-15 automatic cement brick machine automatic diagnosis: a randomized computer automatic fault diagnosis system, suggesting that the police, in favor of timely troubleshooting. Combined with a remote control system, connected by a telephone line, remote supervision and control, diagnostics.

QT10-15 automatic cement brick machinecontrol systems: digital and displacement sensing technology to effectively combine to make the movements accurate and reliable, work together for the busy complex premise. System acquisition has prepared hundreds of production process technology to improve their predecessors, easy to manipulate.

Cement brick multi-source vibration system: To meet the large-scale machine design. Working together for a large table, set of computer-controlled, hydraulically driven, mechanical and electrical synchronization and many other technologies. A fully synchronous mode of vibration, rapping force adjustable frequency can be adjusted according to different process requirements, low frequency feeding, high frequency molding, exciting force according to the different materials to achieve the best tap effect.

Feed produced uneven density guarantee the accuracy, reducing materials, including press and other external effects, the impact of feed rate, ensure that the material that is used Jisong: QT10-15 automatic cement brick unique design of the storage material separating system , to the feeding amount is correct, the article density and good consistency.

QT10-15 automatic cement brick frame is made of structural steel and special welding technology to ensure rigidity and shock resistance of the device. Four-oriented approach and long of guide bearings, ensures accurate movement of the ram and mold; moving parts using a special device, easy to lubricate and easy to wear. Separate vibration coupling vibration technology will effectively expand the area two times, substantial progress in product quality and yield, and effectively extend the life of the die.

QT10-15 automatic cement brick to make the car fast feed and cloth material can reach an average mold frame, skip spiral mesh fabric structure, change the narrow mold widen, shorten skip the trip. In order to improve the operation cycle.

QT10-15 automatic cement brick indenter synchronous vibration pressurized tank, unique high pressure (up to 100T) diced structure ensures high strength and compactness, to the unrivaled effect; with the growth rate of the cylinder to speed progress in order to ensure the molding cycle.

QT10-15 automatic cement machine mold box vertical directional vibration compression molding, multi-ax is rotation of the reciprocating guide feeding device, broken arch rake cloth fabric, molding cycle is short, high production efficiency, compactness and high quality blocks, precise size.

1 Dimensionofhostmachine 3800*2300*3550 6 Hostmachinepower 51.2kw
2 Weightofhostmachine 11.5T 7 Vibrationforce 90-110
3 Moldingarea 1196×880 8 Mixermodel JS750
4 Waterconsumption 10-15Ton/day 9 Palletsize 1300*900*30-35mm
5 workshoparea 300m2 10 Voltage 380/415/440
No Size(LxWxH) Referencepic Pcs/Mould Pcs/Hour Pcs/Shift
1 400x200x200mm 10 1800-2400 14400-19200
2 400x100x200mm 20 3600-4200 28800-33600
3 400x150x200mm 14 2520-2940 20160-23520
4 400x250x200mm 8 1440-1680 11520-13440
5 240x115x90mm 27 4860-6480 38880-51840
6 230x110x70mm 54 9720-12960 77760-103680
7 200x100x60 35 7560 60480
8 200x163x60 24 4320 34560
9 1000x150x300 3 540-720 4320-5760

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