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Hollow block making machine with low price


Hollow block making machine with low price

characteristics introduction

1.QT10-15 block maker machine is of multi-function.Only by changing its moulds , the products of road verge bricks ,river channel bricks ,slope-protecting bricks, plaze pavement bricks ,dock bricks, grass-planting bricks etc.

2.QT10-15 block maker machin, low frequency material feeding ,high frequency vibrating ,and pressing and vibrating both by table and mould , the concrete can be completely liquidized and air discharged wintin 2 or 3 seconds ,in order to obtain high destiny and high strength .

3.QT10-15 block maker machine, advanced hydraulic raito control technology is adopted ,which can ,at will ,control the oil pressure and quantity of each branch of the oil circuit ,so that the products with the same quality can be produced while using different raw materials .

4.For all the producting procedure ,The PLC interlligent control system equipped with data-input and output device can realize the man-machine dialogue .Additionally ,the control system incudes advanced safety logic control and fault-self -diagnosis system .

QT10-15 automatic block making machine main data

Dimension of host machine


control style


forming style


Vibration force


vibrator style

table and mould vibrate togather

raw material feeding style

360 degree revole

forming hight


moulding period


moulding aera


size of pallet


weight of host machine


Mixer style


General water Consumption




Simple block machine line area needed





Total area

About 2000m2

Worker arrangement



Material loader


Drive forklift


Feeding pallets






Production capacity

Size(L x W x H)

Pcs /Mould

Pcs / Hr













Our company established long-term cooperationship with MITSUBISHI,SCHNEIDER,SIMENS.So they can supply us with good quality motor,AC contactor,PLC control Unit,hydraulic station apply to our products,it is very important factor for us to win the competition to other company.

Besides,Regular technological exchange forums are maintained with development partners in countries such as Germany and Japan. This mutually beneficial process has allowed us to introduce state-of-the-art technology and management concepts from foreign sources into our own repertoire.

All of our products have 2 years "quality guarantee",if you use our products according to our regulations,normally,it won’t break in 6 years,even 10 years no need to repair.

Size 2850mmx2100mmx2600mm
Shapingcycle 15s-18s
Palletsize 850x750x25mm(bamboo)
Vibrationfrequency Max 5500R/min
Electricity 380V/220V(as customer request)
Vibrationforce 55KN
Weight 7 T
Length 11m
Capacity 50T
Diameter 2.15M
Total weight 5 T
Weighbucketcapacity 1200L
productivity 56m³/h
batching precision ±1%
Max weighing capacity 3 T
Quantity of material matching 3 set
Work loading height 3000 mm
Feeding belt speed 1s/m
Power 12 kw
Weight 4 T
LengthXwidthXhigth 9000X2200X3500
Overall size 2100(L)×1800(W)×2300(H)mm
Power 3KW
Electricity 380V/220V/ (As customer’s request)
Stacker layer 3 floor
Speed 0.5M/S
Weight 2 T
Charging Capacity 1000 L
Discharging Capacity 750 L
Production Capacity ≥25m³
Max Aggregate Diameter ≤40/60
Cycle Time 72s
Stirring Vane Rev Speed 31 r/min
Quantity 4×7
Stirring Motor Model
Power 25.5KW
Lifting Motor Model
Power 5.5KW
Pump Motor Model
Power 0.75 KW
Dimensions TravelState 3030X2520X2880
OperationState 5525X3100X5680
Weight 6.5T
Width 1 M
Power 2.2 kw
Speed 2m/s

HK donyueGroup has long endeavored to the researched ,production and sales of the block making machine ACC production line.With over 24 years of plant history and more than 100 countries and area customers,our group rapidly developed into the leading enterprises in the industry .

Our company was incorporated in 1994 under the former name of MK Building Material Machinery. On June 17th, MK Machinery Co.,LTD and AAC-Concept Gmth signed the agreement of technology cooperation in Yinan town. This meant the great improvment for Donyue Machinery Co.,LTD in terms of exporting Germany advanced AAC technology. We now have a registered capital of 53.5 million RMB and total assets amounting to 380 million RMB. Our current staff roster exceeds 1500 employees. Each year we assemble more than 5000 sets of block-making machines and over 500 autoclaved aerated concrete / autoclaved lightweight concrete panel production lines. The annual production capacity of our AAC block production line ranges between 100 to 400 thousand cubic meters. Similarly, our autoclaved aerated panel equipment can yield up to 300 thousand cubic meters each year.

Regular technological exchange forums are maintained with development partners in countries such as Germany and Japan. This mutually beneficial process has allowed us to introduce state-of-the-art technology and management concepts from foreign sources into our own repertoire. Practical implementation of this knowledge has led to the development of nationally advanced construction machinery such as the hydraulic press and the aerated concrete block cutting machine.

Through meticulous management and perseverance, we will exceed all expectations. With quality as our highest priority, we have established an optimized control & regulation system. Support from a large distribution network and world-class customer service have allowed our products to gain momentum in a fiercely competitive market. We have led the competition by passing the certifications of both CE and the ISO9001:2000 Management System.

We are brick making machine,block making machine manufacturer, Offer different model of brick making machine,Offer factory Wholesale price.Welcome to inquiry and OEM,if you need the brick making machine price and Hollow block making machine with low price price list,please cotnact us.

Production, sale, offer OEM & ODM .

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8.CE Cetificate.

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