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Qt 4-25 Concrete Block Making Machine Fly Ash Brick Machine Price In India – Buy Fly Ash Brick Machine


Qt 4-25 Concrete Block Making Machine Fly Ash Brick Machine Price In India - Buy Fly Ash Brick Machine

QT4-25 Block Machine Production Line:

QT4-25BlockMachine Technical Parameter And Capacity:

Main technical parameter
Dimension of host machine 3700mmx2100mmx2300mm Total machine power 29kw
Mould period 20-24s Vibration force 35.5KN
Pallet size 850xmm550xmm250mm Mixer model JQ500
workshop area 160 m2 Voltage as request
Theoretical production capacity
Size(LxWxH) Refer pic Pcs/Mould Pcs/Shift
400mmx200mmx200mm 4 576 4608
400mmx100mmx200mm 7 1008 8064
400mmx150mmx200mm 5 720 5760
400mmx250mmx200mm 3 432 3456

Our Company:

Spare Parts Introduction:

1.QT4-25 automatic block making machine Control System:

Electric control system consists of imported color touch screen and programmed PLC with data input and output device, including safety logical control and trouble shooting system.Vibration analyzing system:detecting the vibration frequency, vibration amplitude,vibration acceleration and noise of the whole machine,so as to adjust the vibration to optimum efficiency.

2.QT4-25 automatic block making machine Hydraulic System:

The system consists of imported components and seals with high dynamic performance proportional valves. The action of key cylinders can be operated through the regulator of flow and pressure according to the working requirement.The main frame is wide for the convenience of mold filling, so more blocks can be made. In order to get even pressure, three oil reservoirs are used, which raise the pressure to as high as 100t. Moreover, the smallest reservoir in the middle increases the operating speed of the left and right ones respectively, thus improving the productivity.

3. QT4-25 automatic block making machine Frequency conversion motor drive the vibrating case,easy to obtain ideal vibration force,vibration frequency and amplitude,can produce high quality block. Unique double-vibration box drives all in one vibration table to make the deviation of amplitude lower,more even so as to guarantee the consistency firm and durable.

4. QT4-25Adopts more advanced material-feeding technology,material from the hopper fall into the mould case rapidly and evenly,make the weight error less than ±5%,the intensity error less than≤±15%.

5. QT4-25 automatic block making machine Compared with common Block Making Machine,these equipment investment has increased by about 18%,but output has been improved by 35%,unit consumption has been reduced by about 5%.

6.4-15B Concrete Block Machine incomparable advantages in producing process:

High thickness and rectangle steel frame, four guidance column, solidity structure and prolonged life.rful centrifugal force, the material is speedily and evenly distributed.

Our company established long-term cooperationship with MITSUBISHI,SCHNEIDER,SIMENS.So they can supply us with good quality motor,AC contactor,PLC control Unit,hydraulic station apply to our products,it is very important factor for us to win the competition to other company.

Besides,Regular technological exchange forums are maintained with development partners in countries such as Germany and Japan. This mutually beneficial process has allowed us to introduce state-of-the-art technology and management concepts from foreign sources into our own repertoire.

All of our products have 2 years "quality guarantee",if you use our products according to our regulations,normally,it won’t break in 6 years,even 10 years no need to repair.

Auxiliary Machinery:

Size 3600(L)×1650(W)×2100(H)mm
Shapingcycle 20 seconds
Palletsize 850x750x25mm(bamboo)
Vibrationfrequency Max.4000 R/Min
Electricity 380V/220V(as customer request)
Vibrationforce 35.5KN
Weight 3.2 T

Weighbucketcapacity 1200L
productivity 500L
batching precision ±1%
Max weighing capacity 3 T
Quantity of material matching 1
Work loading height 2500 mm
Feeding belt speed 1s/m
Power 1 kw
Weight 0.5 T
LengthXwidthXhigth 9000X2200X3500
Overall size 2100(L)×1800(W)×2300(H)mm
Power 3KW
Electricity 380V/220V/ (As customer’s request)
Stacker layer 3 floor
Speed 0.5M/S
Weight 2 T

Width 1 M
Power 2.2 kw
Speed 2m/s


1. Mainframe

The automatic block making machine applies the high-strength structural steel and special welding technique for its mainframe. The firmness of the mainframe allows the whole machine to come with good rigidity and vibration resistance.

2. Guide Pillar

The guide pillar of this machine applies the ultrastrong special steel. By virtue of the chromate plated treatment, it perfectly resists torsion and abrasion. Additionally, the four guide pillars together with the ultra-long guide bearing make the pressure head and mould move accurately. This moving system adopts the special device that is good for lubrication, thus avoiding abrasion.

3. Material System

The crane of the material machine is controlled by the hydraulic system. That its hopper is connected to the crane by the rubber spring, can offer favourable damping effect while preventing the vibration compaction of the remained materials. In the system, the hopper is equipped with a door which can help realize the uniform material distribution.

4. Material Distributing System

In this system, the material storage and distribution are independent from each other. The material receiving in the material box is accurately controlled. Under the function of the powerful centrifugal force, the material is speedily and evenly distributed.

Packing And Delivery:

Block Samples:

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