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china lightweight hollow aac blocks autoclaved aerated concrete block prices


china lightweight hollow aac blocks autoclaved aerated concrete block prices
china lightweight hollow aac blocks autoclaved aerated concrete block prices

You can build a houseor villa by using these blocks made of concrete with millions of small, finely-dispersed air spaces inside; its so light that it floats on water BUT it does not let water penetrate nor hold the water and it is still ‘load-bearing’ strong.

Its porous internal structure is comprised of 60-70% air, making it the building-material with the highest insulating value in the construction-industry.

Advantages are therefore that it leaves the heat and street-noise outside your house; save money on aircon-bills AND because it is very light in weight the basic structure of the house can be made lighter also.

Features & Advantages of lightweight concrete block

1. Lightweight:Aeratedconcretedensityisusually400-900kg/m3(accordingtothemarket),








Packing Detail

the AAC blocks and panels in installation for construction appartments

Company Introduction

1.Long History with Rich experience





1500staff. Ithas by now sold 500setsofAACplantline in total to various

market including India, Indonesia, Iran Burma, Russia etc.

2.Sincere Service Return to Customer




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