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Cheap Stone Coated Metal Roof Tile Stone Coated Roofing Sheet For Nigeria – Buy Stone Coated Metal Roof Tile


Cheap Stone Coated Metal Roof Tile Stone Coated Roofing Sheet For Nigeria - Buy Stone Coated Metal Roof Tile
Product Description


1.Fire-Resistance:Both AL-Zinc steel and the stone chips are non-organic materials,they are natural and proved Non combustible.

2.Premium Performance in Earthquake:Stone-coated metal roofs are light and strong,they won’t easily cause damages to the understructures of the buildings in earthquakes.

3.Snow-resistance Weight Bearing Anti-sliding:Stone-coated metal roof is charicterised with snow-resistance,weight bearing and anti-sliding,and thus problems in the freezing areas can’t be worried.

4.Wind Resistance:Scientific interlocking system design and proved installation techniques gurantee the roofing system more safety in the storms,cloudbursts and hurricanes.

5.Waterproof:The roof is not noisy,and often much quieter than the asphalt shingle roof or a heavy traditional wood shake roof.There won’t be any leakages in the storms,and the roof is washed and appears as if it was newly reinstalled.

6.Safety in Lightening:There is no increase in the likelihood of being struck by lightning.In case the lightning does strike,the energy safely dissipates and exits into the ground.

7.HailStone Resistance:The stone-coated metal roof tiles are proved to bear the hailstones without causing damages.

Finished Products

Color series

Packaging & Shipping

Wooden pallet and carton package size:1400X1000X1150 mmper pallet weight:1400 kgs per pallet volume:1.5 cbm per pallet 500 pcs per pallet1 container = 8000pcs + 1000Accessories









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