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Brick making machine price list in south africa


What is brick making machine in south africa?

Features and Advantages of Our brick making machine in south africa

1. Our brick making machine in south africa is very convenient to install and move due to its reasonable structure.

2. It adopts advanced technology to make it become firm and shock-proof.

3. Aimix brick making machine in south africa can reuse the waste solid to realize environmentally friendly and save materials.

4. Our brick making machine in south africa adopts hydraulic valves and coolers, which ensures that hydraulic system operates reliably.

5. It adopts drive shaft transmission to ensure accurate transmission speed and long service life to avoid replace the belt drive.

6. Our brick making machine in south africa’s host is adjusted by a variety of vibration force so as to shorten the vibration time, improve product density and save cost of cement.

7. It can achieve high efficiency due to this construction machinery can realize a continue and non-stop working.

8. brick making machine in south africa has widely ranges, which can produce different specifications of block products.

9. Our brick making machine in south africa has many models, such as: QT4-15, QT4-25, QT6-15, QT8-15, QT10-15 and QT12-15.

Complete Units of Our brick making machine in south africa For Sale

The complete unit of we Aimix group brick making machine in south africa is not like the lager batching plant, which is very simple and it includes silo, cement screw, cement scale, batching machine, block machine, hydraulic station, conveyor, pallet transfer system, block sweeper, PLC controller, block mould and stacking machine.

brick making machine in south africae FAQ

Q1:How to use this machine?
A:As a professional manufacturer,we have many professional engineers, they will go to clients’ site for guiding the installation and test-running;also can teach you how to use properly.

Q2:Can you sent me some spare parts freely?
A:Generally speaking,we usually sent customers the wearing parts when shipping the product, but if you have a large order,we will consider to sent you some spare parts freely

Q3: What is the delivery time?
A: About 20-25work days after receiving advance payment

Q4: What is the payment terms?
A: T/T.

brick making machine in south africa Production Process

The hydraulic brick making machine in south africa mainly consists of a main engine, a hydraulic pump station, an electric console and a flat brick conveying.
1. The mainframe is mainly composed of a frame, a hydraulic cylinder, a mold, a supporting mold frame and a punch. The body is made of cast steel, which enhances the stability of the equipment and makes the machine run more smoothly, ensuring that the equipment will not deform for a long time and prolong the service life of the machine.
2. The hydraulic pump station is mainly composed of motor, hydraulic valve, oil block and oil pipe. The highly concentrated hydraulic valve configuration and unique right-hand design ensure that the machine can be continuously operated and work more efficiently.
3. The electrical console mainly consists of a hydraulic control system and a power distribution cabinet. The advanced hydraulic control system enables fully automatic control, and the displayable text controller can be adjusted freely according to the user’s needs, and the operation is more convenient and quick.
4, the brick flat conveying is mainly used to transport the pressed forming bricks. After the brick raw materials are pressed into bricks, under the force of the push-pull cylinder, the bricks are directly pushed onto the belt conveyor, and then the robot automatically blocks the bricks, so that Convenient and fast, greatly improving work efficiency and output.

Brick making machine price list in south africa

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