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High capacity egg laying brick machine qmy4-45


High capacity egg laying brick machine qmy4-45

QMJ4-45 moving block making machine

Video Links

QTM6-25 moving machine working video link, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3adIH_wbkag

QT40-3A moving machine working video link,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pdnWDe9n5U

QT40-3B moving machine working video link,

QT40-3C moving machine working video link,

MK Machinery Group Introduction Video on Yutube:





Pcs/ 8 Hr





400X150 X200




Main Parameter

Dimension of host machine: 1350x1300x1650mm

Host machine power: 6.65 kw

Vibration force 30KN, moulding period: 45s

Weight of the machine: about 1 Ton

Voltage: 380v or according to client country voltage.

Machine in producing:

Finished machine:

Machine in Stock:

5.JD350 mixer

6. Bricks samples

7. MK brand mobile block machineseries

MK Enterprise Profile:

MK Machinery Group Co., Ltd. is located in the jumping*off point of Linyi City.

We have brought in advanced technologies from abroad and developed series of brick machines withpracticable patents by ourselves, following up the up*to*date trends abroad.

Apart from the above,we already have office in India, Vietnam,Indonesia.

Our brick making machine enjoys many advantages including: more reasonable structure,more compact appearance, smoother operating, higher efficiency and easiness to operateand maintain. We would like to exchange the optimum profit for you with the lowest costand the best after-sale service.


Welcome you inquiry!

We are brick making machine,block making machine manufacturer, Offer different model of brick making machine,Offer factory Wholesale price.Welcome to inquiry and OEM,if you need the brick making machine price and High capacity egg laying brick machine qmy4-45 price list,please cotnact us.

Production, sale, offer OEM & ODM .

Our advantage(Why choose us?):

1.Original brick making machine manufacturer.

2.OEM brick making machine Accepted.

3.In stock brick making machine.

4.Professional after sales service.

5.Different language version.

6.Free upgrade forever.

7.Wholesale price.

8.CE Cetificate.

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