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QMR4-45 diesel engine hollow mobile brick making machine /block


QMR4-45 diesel engine hollow mobile brick making machine /block

QMR4-45 diesel engine hollow mobile brick making machine /block

product description

QT40-3A small hollow block making machine:

Thismanualblockmakingmachineisthesmallesttypeofourmachines, itcanproduce hollow blocks

and solidbricksatthesametimeofmoving.as different country market has different requirements,



QT40-3A small hollow block making machineMaintechnicalparameters:

QT40-3A small hollow block making machine operation process

Step1.The prepared material should be put into the mold box dustpan by the Material car.

Step2.press the 3 BUTTON and at the same time let the material flat.

Step3.press the4 BUTTON on the mold advance to the next mold decoupling above the same time.

Step4.press the BUTTON 5 when the up-mould at it’s position ,at the same time put the hydraulic control lever forth. At this step ,the down mould will be rise ,it will be make the brick shape successfully.

Step5.after the in shape ,the machine will forth automatically and stop the moving automatically,then make the hydraulic control level back in order to make the down mould drop on the groud.

Step6.press the BUTTON6 make the up mould on the back ,then put the material by car in cycle.

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