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Qtm6-25 Mobile Block Making Machine Egg Laying Brick Making Machine – Buy Block Making Machine


Qtm6-25 Mobile Block Making Machine Egg Laying Brick Making Machine - Buy Block Making Machine
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1. Function egg laying concrete cement hollow block brick making machine can produce different hollow blocks and solid blocks by changing moulds.2. Advanced technology This machine adopt hydraulic molding technology, so it can produce stronger, smooth and high quality blocks. And electric walking technology adopted to this machine, so the machine can easily and simply move to convenient place.3. High quality mould The moulds adopt precise wire cutting technology and carburizing treatment technology to prolong service life, elaborate process and rigorous testing ensure that the mold has the best quality.4. High capacity Hydraulic moving cinder fly ash concrete building block making machine can produce 6400-9600 pieces blocks per day according block size.

diemension 2200*2550*1700mm Total power 12KW
shaping cycle 15-20s Forming method Hydraulic pressure (7.5-14MPa)
Weight of host machine 1.5t Voltage Adapt to yourlocal voltage
Applied Products Hollow blocks, solid blocks Raw material Crushed stone, sand, cement, dust and coal fly ash, stag, ganue, gravel, perlite and other industrial wastes.
400*200*200mm 6 800 6400
400*150*200mm 7 900 7200
400*120*200mm 8 1200 9600

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Advanced technologyVibration mouolding technology and hydraulic pressure are adopted to assure the bricks produced have better quality, larger density and higher strength.

Control systemControl the movement of brick machine, pull-push of mould and block forming by operating lever and pressing bbutton of the control box.

MouldAdopt precise line cutting and carburizing treatment technology prolongthe mould life and increase the precision of the brick moulds, so the brick moulds have better performance.Finished ProductsOur CompanyPacking & Delivery

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